Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fyqa is back

Hello gorgeous, almost 3month i leave to update my blogger. Hihi. Alot of things i want to story and share with u all. First thing i'm study right now, haha at Shah Alam. I took the course in Masscom, not bad la pretty ok. I got new friends and new housemate. huhu! but my housemate is really really suck!! Unfortunately, i'm gonna quit study 'MAYBE lahh' not sure lagi. Nevermind, just forget it okay :) And the second things i'm very very much better then last last month, haha. because i have HE to take care of me. And i am very happy he is always close beside me went i need him. Tq for everything Honey -.- I have a good news i'm getting married, huhu gatai nk nikah dah budak ni, haha. I just kidding :P And the lastly i really miss all my friends, huhu. bile dapat jumpe korang semua ni HAH. Sorry lah I'm very busy morever my hostel at Shah Alam it's to far from KL, Haiyaaa, dammit ! It's okay i will meet you all went im free yeee, I HEART YOU ALL.

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